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NR Bantams Division Champions!
The North Reading Hornet's Youth Hockey Bantam Team faced off...
Mite Green Wins Division Championship
Congratulations to our very own Mite team for winning their division...
NR Youth Hockey vs. Select Hockey - Which is best for your child
NR Youth Hockey vs. Select Hockey – Which is best for your...
Return to Play Guidelines after Head Injuries
The following document is from USA Hockey Safety and Protective Committee. Click...
How to make a Hockey Payment or Check my Balance
To make a hockey payment by credit card or to check your balance: 1)...
NR Bantams Division Champions!

The North Reading Hornet's Youth Hockey Bantam Team faced off against the Hopedale Demons in the Championship Game of the Valley Hockey League. Both teams had impressive regular season records and a showdown in the highly coveted championship game was inevitable.


Both teams' goalies frustrated the opposing offense robbing them of what appeared to be certain goals. Jeny Collins, a fortress all year long with her quick reflexes, made numerous sensational saves that belong on a highlight film and viewed in your living room.


The offensive prowess of Adam Zecher, Dylan Kelleher and Patrick Tucker were held scoreless by great goaltending.


The offensive assault continued with scoring sensations Joey Robishaw, Richie McGuire, Derek Donovan, Dan Smith and Colin Gover blasting several shots on net but were stymied by the goaltender.


Scoring on the Hornets this season was a challenge as stalwart Defensemen Chris McCann and Zachary Shaw kept opponents away while proving their versatility as offensive Defensemen as well producing countless goals.


The Hornets, down 2-0 with only three minutes left to play in the third period, appeared destined to lose but Goalie Cam Alter's phenomenonal glove save on a swift shot energized the Hornets.


The talented Hornets were in great need of a goal scorer to ignite their offense. Defenseman Kyle Moore proved to be the catalyst when he lit the lamp with a crafty shot with under three minutes to play. Thirty seconds later, prolific scorer Evan Steele tied the game.


With under six seconds to play it appeared certain the game would be decided in overtime when the Demons attempted to ice the puck. However, Defenseman Evan Gouveia who bruised opponents all night with his checks incurred a bruise of his own when he took one for the team and blocked the puck. The puck was deflected to the highly-skilled Billy McCann who one-timed a rocket into the net culminating the miraculous finish.


Hoisting the championship trophy on the ice after overcoming a two goal deficit with less than three minutes to play in the game to win the championship was solely the effort of every player on the team and their belief that it ain't over til it's over. Congrats Hornets!

by posted 04/03/2016
Mite Green Wins Division Championship

Congratulations to our very own Mite team for winning their division championship game 4-3 over Pentucket!

by posted 03/21/2016
NR Youth Hockey vs. Select Hockey - Which is best for your child

NR Youth Hockey vs. Select Hockey – Which is best for your child?

You’ve probably heard of Select Hockey. These are programs that promise they have an advanced and sophisticated hockey program. They claim they will help your child develop into a better hockey player. Is it true? Of course it is, any hockey program will advance your child skills and make them better. They didn’t say better than another program, like NRYH. They just said ‘better’.

Well, let’s compare NRYH vs. a Select program:










Practice Jerseys

Not currently offered ($10-$15)








Game Location

Within 20 miles

Lots of travel

Practice Days

3-4 days per week

2-3 days per week

Practice Hours - week

5-7 hours per week

2-3 hours per week

Practice Hours - Season

150-170 hours per season

80 hours per season

American Development Model


Maybe, most do not.


The comparison is pretty clear. Playing on a Select team, you pay a lot more money for few more games, you get to travel further away, you get less practice…but you get a $15 practice jersey!

So what are they really offering? Status. The promise that your six year old will play Division 1 Hockey and earn a full ride to College and get drafted to the NHL? Not quite, but they are preying on your dreams. They are selling you ‘Status’. They are selling you on the promise that if your hockey player doesn’t play Select Hockey, they are not going anywhere in the game. And many of us buy into it. You’re paying $1,500 for Status. I pulled this from a recent article in “The Hockey News” publication:

“The most important thing to note when it comes to minor hockey participation in Canada is that dwindling and smaller numbers will not affect this country’s ability to produce elite players. The hundreds of hockey academies, one-on-one instructors and super elite programs continue to regularly churn out players with mind-boggling talent levels. And as long as Mom and Dad have the bankroll and the willingness to make the sacrifices necessary, there will be no shortage of skill coaches and spring leagues more than happy to take your money. And there will never be any shortage of people in this country willing to part with it”

Do some research before being sold on a dream. Compare NRYH with the Select Team before signing a contract (yes, they make you sign a contract!).

Hockey is about fun. Are they promising you fun or victory? The number one goal in all youth sports is to have fun. Period.  When kids first develop an interest in hockey, it is purely for fun.  Too often this cold hard fact is forgotten and becomes lost amid a tornado of ego, politics and misdirection. Have you seen NRYH kids playing tag or soccer or some other fun game on the ice? There is a reason for it…FUN.

Player development is more important than winning. Coaches at Select Hockey may be having your child sit on the bench in games to play better players. The focus tends to be on winning. More games, less practice. If a team has three lines and we play three 12-minute periods, the average player plays 12 minutes in a game and touches the puck several times at the most. An NRYH one to two hour practice has the player skating 50-70% of the time or more, touching the puck dozens of times. Which is better for player development? Games or Practices? Practices of course!

American Development Model (ADM) Have you noticed our practices at NRYH? Have you seen many ‘stations’ with 6-10 kids in a skill-based drill and then moving on to the next station every 6-10 minutes? This is an implementation of the American Development Model, development by USA Hockey, leading researchers and the NHL. Basically, NRYH is not about hiring a coach who played somewhere special and is trying to teach high school/college/pro skills to 10 year old. NRYH has adopted the ADM model and USA Hockey’s philosophy that REQUIRES all coaches to advance their training and certification levels every year, so that we, at NRYH, are teaching kids based on a proven model. All parents should read and understand NRYH philosophy and implementation of ADM…have you done the same with the Select Hockey program that you are considering?

Here is a link to ADM and Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) used by NRYH. It’s worth a read…after all, it is your child.


So will you child improve playing Select? Yes. Will you child be better served at NRYH? I think the question is rhetorical…do you?

posted 03/15/2016
Return to Play Guidelines after Head Injuries

The following document is from USA Hockey Safety and Protective Committee.

Click HERE to read.

Additional information on head injury's may also be found at the following link:

by posted 03/27/2012
How to make a Hockey Payment or Check my Balance

To make a hockey payment by credit card or to check your balance:

1) Click on the "Edit My Account" tab on the left hand column.

2) Log into your account using your email address and password. If you don't know your password leave it blank and it will be emailed back to you.

3) The drop down box's on the payment page can be adjusted to the amount you want to pay. Update the total if you change the amount(s). Make sure the total amount shown is what you want to pay before you submit it.
posted 07/11/2011
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